Berlin: Week One

It was a rough start getting to Berlin... ie failing hydraulic systems on the plane needed to be fixed; you know the landing gear, not super necessary equipment. The 24 hour delay allowed us to run home, cuddle the cat, grab a few of the items we had been unsure about and drink a bottle of wine. We still took advantage of the free hotel stay AND some lovely dinner vouchers. However, we could have enjoyed the breakfast vouchers for a bit longer had we known that the next 5 hours would require us standing in a forever line to rebook the flight we already had tickets for. The words, "Your connecting flight boarding pass will be waiting for you in Munich." Is a tricky statement that should have been a small window into the German bureaucracy as Alexis would later explain to me. What that lovely airline attendant actually meant is that we would arrive to Munich dazed and confused be told to go through Passport control and wait for a suitcase that would never come because obviousl…

Its GO Time: My FIRST solo show!

An art exhibitiontobenefitstudents in Western Kenya In 2005 and 2006 Dana lived and volunteered at theNehemiahMiwani Center, a sustainablecommunityfarmsupportingorphans and families in Miwani, Kenya.  Afternoonspaintingwatercolorsturnedintoweeksteaching art at the local schools. Shereturnedto Bainbridge, suitcases full, with a promiseto show the art of Kenya´skids. Finallyfor

Full Circle: Social Media Connects!

As a high school student in 2004 I stayed with a family in Nicaragua for two weeks as part of a student exchange for our sister island assoication (BOSIA). That trip has opened so many doors in my life not to mention led me half way around the world to study spanish, fall in love, and get married, to mention a few. And the most amazing part is that in three weeks I return full circle. This time around my husband and I will be leading a group of students and staying in a town called Sacramento, only a 15 minutes bike ride from my original town of La Paloma. Students from Bainbridge take two weeks to serve, build community, and make friends disconnecting from the world of ipods and cars. Day in and day out they connect with local, geuine people, spend evenings chatting in Spanish, sit on neighbors porches exchanging culture, and see a life truely beyond what they know and expect.

And now the world of Social Media jumps in!

I have kept in touch with my family through letters here and the…

Early Morning Thought

Sometimes I wonder where my hunger for color comes from. There are days where I would like to do nothing more than paint a giant bright orange stripe across the watercolor sheet. Then of course I would have to spend hours layer more orange and red and yellow into various parts. And maybe some bright blue would be thrown in because those two colors together make something inside me jump in delight. Is it the grey winters in the Northwest that drives my color starvation? I am not a colorful dresser by any means. Look into my closet and greyish greens fades into blacks and browns with the occasional orange scarf.

I heard something wonderful the other day in the caboose. There shouldn't be greys and blacks in paintings. It just makes them muddy. Take a closer look at a shadow or a dark spot and you will see the brightest colors. Metephor for life? Perhaps.

Color for a grey March morning:
(An eye candy that will have to wait until my Kenya show is finished.)

Goal for 2011

It pedal to the metal time or rather brush to the canvas because I took a giant leap and scheduled an art show for December 2011. That's 10 months away, but in watercolor time its like three seconds. So I am back painting in the caboose, I have a table set up at home and in between my two/threeish jobs I am a painting fool!

In 2005 and 2006 when I spent the summer in Miwani, Kenya, I drew every night with the kids and taught art classes at a local school. All these drawings came home with me along with a promise to put on an art show to raise money for the community. Well its finally going to happen! I have until December to frame all their pieces and finish mine. Once the time gets closer I am hoping to run an article in the newspaper and get a little publicity afterall December is the "season of giving" right?

The show is going to be at a restaurant on the Island that has ample wall space, maybe too much, but I am determined to finish at least three big pieces this year …

Passion Grows: Commission Piece

I am shooting for one post a year it looks like. In my defense 2010 was full of moving countries, getting married twice and starting a new life. So painting had to be squeezed into spare moments. However, this piece was not rushed. This is a story of passion, passion flowers. They were my cousin's wedding flower and he asked me to do a piece for his wife for their anniversary. Now of course any painting has to come with a story and this painting has a worldy story.

We were living in Chile when I got this commission. And right outside out apartment a passion vine was exploding with blooms. Not only did I get to pick the lighting for my models but I got to choose the perfect flowers for Eric and Liz. And of course because they have a budding baby boy, I had to include him in the painting. This painting has survived an 8.8 earthquake, the chaos of moving continents, and customs officials.

So Happy Anniversary Liz just in time for Christmas!


A Day at the Beach: Past and Present

Past and Present

While my imagination runs wild with color and images, I usually tend to stick to painting from photographs that I have taken. I wish I could just paint from my mind, but my detailed obsessive brain wants the image right in front of me. That is why, when my cousin sent me various photos to collage and turn into a painting I was nervous to say the least. I love painting people up close, but she didn´t want people to be the main focus. I don´t do landscape, but she wanted wide open spaces with wind and water and color. So this is me stepping out of my comfort bubble.

Two of her children help create the story and one very special character from the past is painted in. She is our grandmother who with her family visited this same beach every summer.

Grandma, you have the best seat in the house now. Sitting high above the livingroom, a window into our lives from the beach you loved the most. We love you.